Use Cases

IMVU Producers Earn VCOIN

VCOIN is the currency for Producers. These are users that provide a service for other users like being a model, editor, custom creator, bar owner and more. 

Hear from a few Producers on IMVU that are earning real money with VCOIN.

Models can make real money.

I'm able to reach out to more people, who in turn would maybe like for me to advertise or stream the products that they have made on the platform.

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Utilize your platform as a Creator to further grow your business.

We could have [VCOIN] as entry fees for our exclusive events. You can even earn VCOIN during those parties, where you can cash it back out or spend it however you like.

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Earn More than just credits.

I think it's really cool that IMVU now has this sort of in-client way to pay for things that will also give you currency besides Credits.

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Badge Creator

IMVU Producers

Can Earn Real Value

Producers on IMVU who provide services on the platform can, for the first time, earn value while they connect, play, and maximize experiences for other IMVU Users. Learn how you can Earn on IMVU.

Users Can Now

Gift Bigger Props

VCOIN is a great way for users to gift real value to those they appreciate most on the platform. As a “thanks’ for the amazing experiences they create and the value they provide, users can now gift VCOIN to friends and IMVU Producers, which they can then withdraw into cash.

Send and Earn Secured

Value with VCOIN

Keep transactions secure with VCOIN. IMVU and its partners have put account security measures in place so sending, receiving, and converting VCOIN can be done safely with peace of mind.

Pay non IMVU users

IMVU service providers can, for the first time, earn value while they connect, play and provide services for the Users and their friends on the platform. Learn how you can Earn on IMVU.