Use Cases

IMVU is launching VCOIN!
Soon IMVU Producers – models, custom Creators, bar owners, wedding officiants – can securely buy, gift, and earn VCOIN and convert that VCOIN to real cash. VCOIN is a digital currency that, like the current Credits, can be used for play and gifting inside of IMVU. Unlike IMVU Credits, VCOIN can be converted to real cash.
Users Can Now Gift Bigger Props
VCOIN is a great way for users to gift real value to those they appreciate most on the platform. As a “thanks’ for the amazing experiences they create and the value they provide, users can now gift VCOIN to friends and IMVU Producers, which they can then withdraw into cash.
Producers Can Earn Real Value
Producers on IMVU who provide services on the platform can, for the first time, earn value while they connect, play, and maximize experiences for other IMVU Users. Learn how you can Earn on IMVU.

Send and Earn Secured Value
with VCOIN

Keep transactions secure with VCOIN. IMVU and its partners have put account security measures in place so sending, receiving, and converting VCOIN can be done safely with peace of mind.
Pay non-IMVU users
Earn in IMVU, spend IRL. Through Uphold, VCOIN can be sent to users who provide services that enhance the IMVU experience, but do not have their own account, thereby providing real value beyond the platform.